Mandatory equipment

Every rider is required to carry a GPS device with the GPX track that is available here.

Every rider is required to carry a small backpack with the following:

  • Wind/waterproof jacket and/or a thermal top layer

  • Wind/ waterproof pants and/or a thermal bottom layer

  • Hat & gloves

  • Emergency supplies of food, fluids and first aid.

This is due to safety reasons. In times we are travelling through very remote areas where vehicle access is difficult. If for any reason a rider needs evacuation it will take rescue teams some time to reach the location. Riders will need to be self sustainable for a few hours while waiting or walking/riding to the nearest aid station.

Equipment transport

Each participant will be given a duffel bag of the size minimum 70 litre as well as a small bag, size approx. 10 litre. Both bags will be handed to riders during race registration.

All rider’s equipment for the race, including a sleeping bag needs to fit into the duffel. The duffel is labeled and will be transported from one camp to another.

Riders can bring the smaller bags to the start line where he/she can leave the bag to be transported to the finish line.

Clothes and equipment other than fit in the bags will not be transported.

Dealing with icelandic weather

In order to make the race experience as pleasant as possible we want to make sure that all participants are well prepared and equipped for the race.

The equipment needed for the race is highly dependent on weather. In Iceland, the weather can be unpredictable and may change rapidly and dramatically. Rapidly means that weather can change in a matter of minutes, not hours or days. That’s why we’ll start by adding information about what can be expected weather wise in this area in August.

Temperatures can fall approximately 1 degree for each 100 meters of ascent. By sea level temperatures in August can vary from 8 degrees celsius to 18 degrees. This means that in some areas in the race temperatures can be low. We have had stages in the past where starting line temperature was 16° celsius, mid race high mark was 4° and finishline again 16°. Not to mention stages where we have experienced hailstorms on sunny days. Yes, weather is high latitudes is a ever changing variable.

Some wind and periodic rain showers are just as common as calm weather.

Equipment list

We recommend that for riders bring different layers and equipment to cover the weather variability. Please make sure to bring clothing that will keep you warm despite being wet. We do not recommend bringing cotton clothing to use on or off the bike.

Please note that list is not limited to the following items and is merely a suggestion. Every rider is responsible for his/her own equipment choice.

For riding

Two or more race kits

Leg warmers (even winter thick)

Arm warmers (even winter thick) or long sleeves

Thick socks

Waterproof jacket



Base layer (thick & thin to choose from)

For off the bike

Warm jacket (down jacket or primaloft recommended)

Warm pants and/or base layer

Warm inner layer (pants and sweater)

Waterproof outer layer (jacket and pants)

Towel (recommended also for indoor accommodation to use at the geothermal pools).

Bathing suit

Warm socks (wool or other than cotton)

Good waterproof shoes

Thin isolation blanket to use between your sleeping bag and air mattress provided, it isolates the cold air from your body during chilly nights (not needed for indoor accommodation options).

Sleeping bag and pillow (only for camp option).

We recommend using the space in the duffel wisely. Please note that we cannot guarantee that clothes and shoes can dry out overnight in case they get wet.

The Bike

A good mountain bike is required to ride the course, we highly recommend a full suspension cross-country mountain bike, the course isn't very technical but a full suspension bike would make the ride much more comfortable and save precious energy for next stage.

The bike has to be in excellent condition, Iceland is a very small island and it is not possible to guarantee replacement parts. We highly recommend bringing spare derailleur hangars and other frame specific parts that might fail. 

Please bring with you specific parts for your bike which might break down, our camp is remote and we only carry limited selection of standard spare parts.